If you are looking for a rewarding and meaningful career, if you want to be a positive role model for your community, and if you want to make a real difference in people's lives ... then the Port Arthur Police Department is the place for you. The Port Arthur Police Department has an on-going need for police officers who are committed to public service, professionalism, and peaceful neighborhoods. As a Police Officer for the City of Port Arthur you will be required to perform a variety of law enforcement and crime prevention tasks, investigative work, special assignments, and technical and administrative tasks in support of the Police Department. 

Port Arthur Police Officers enjoy a competitive salary and benefits package, bilingual pay, paid vacations, and paid sick leave. In addition, medical, dental, and retirement plans are available.

Qualifications Salary
Certification Pay  Benefits

Selection Process

Residency Incentive


Police Officers Essential Functions



Minimum Qualifications

  • Applicant has high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Applicant has a valid Texas Drivers License
  • Applicant has reached a minimum age of 21 years of age ( or 21 years of age upon completion of the police academy if hired as a non-certified officer )
  • Applicant has not reached your 41st birthday upon date of hire without prior police or military experience
  • Applicant has not reached your 46th birthday upon date of hire ( if you have prior military or police experience )
  • Applicant has not ever been on court-ordered community supervision or probation for any criminal offense above the grade of Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years from the date of the court order.
  • Applicant has not ever been convicted of an offense above the grade of a Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years
  • Applicant has never been convicted of any family violence offense
  • Applicant is not prohibited by state or federal law from operating a motor vehicle
  • Applicant is not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition
  • Applicant is a U.S. citizen


General Qualifications

  • Possess the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to learn or possess knowledge of pertinent Federal, State, and local laws and the ability to interpret and apply them
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Ability to complete firearms certification
  • Skills to resolve situations characterized by conflict and danger.

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Years Monthly Annually
Academy $ 2278.41 $ 27,340
Police Officer Entry $ 3828.44 $ 45,941
1 year $ 4294.71 $ 51,536
2 years $ 4464.15 $ 53,569
5 years $ 4640.37 $ 55,694
7 years $ 4823.63 $ 57,883
10 years $ 4955.46 $ 59,465
12 years $ 5153.68 $ 61,884
15 years $ 5359.83 $ 64,317
20 years $ 5574.22 $ 66,890
Start $5846.96 $70,163
6mo $6071.66 $72,859
Start $6363.78 $76,365
6mo $6609.15 $79,309
Start $6634.89 $79,618
6mo $6900.28 $82,802

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Intermediate Certificate $100 / month
Advanced Certificate $200 / month
Masters Certificate  $300 / month
Bilingual Pay $50 / month

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  • Longevity: $ 4 / month per year up to 25 years.
  • Shift differential pay
  • Texas Municipal Retirement System- employee contribution 5% with City matching 2 to 1
  • ICMA RC deferred compensation plan and flex cafeteria plan
  • Health, Life and Dental plans for the employee and dependents are available for a fee
  • Credit Union membership
  • Funeral Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • 5 weeks vacation per year
  • The Department provides uniforms and equipment for Officers, excluding firearms, handcuffs, and footwear.

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The City will provide $2,500.00 (subject to applicable taxes) for down payment and closing cost expenses, to those employees who elect to purchase and move into a home in a non-target area of the City.

The City will provide $4000.00 (subject to applicable taxes) for down payment and closing cost expenses, to those employees who elect to purchase and move into a home in a target area of the City.

The City will provide $500.00 in moving cost assistance to employees who elect to move into the City and rent or lease a residence, plus $ 100.00 per month rental assistance for those that rent/ lease in a non-target area of the City, or $ 200.00 per month for those that rent or lease in a target area.

For those employees who own and reside within the City, the City will e a $150.00 per month housing expense to those who reside in a non-target area and $300.00 per month to those employees who reside in a target area.

Employee moving into the City and receiving monies for either down payment and closing cost expenses, or moving cost assistance as delineated above who move out of the City within three (3) years of receipt will be required to pay back to the City a pro rata share of the amount received.

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               1.  Exit and secure the door to the police vehicle

               2.  Run under a clothes line

               3.  Go through a concrete culvert    

               4.  Go over a four foot wall

               5.  Walk on an incline, a balance bar, and a decline

               6.  Go over a six foot wall

               7.  Go through a window frame 

               8.  Go over a set of stairs

               9.  Climb a tower, cross over and come down the opposite end of the tower


               Time will start upon command while in the drivers seat of the police car.

               Time will stop when your feet touch the ground after going over the tower.


  B.  250 Yard Run
            Upon command, you will be required to run a designated 250 yards. Time will start 

              upon command and stop upon completing the 250 yard run.


              The times from the obstacle course and the 250 yard run will be added together and the

              accumulated time cannot exceed 2 minutes and 8 seconds or 128 seconds.


  C.  Dummy Drag Test

             There is no required minimum or maximum time for the dummy drag test. However, 

             it must be completed within a reasonable period of time.

            Drag or carry the dummy from the starting position to a position 25 yards away.



At this point, an eligibility list will be generated and certified by the Civil Service Commission.


The eligibility list will be in rank order by score using the raw score from the written civil service test and any military points or city residency

points that are added if the applicable information is provided to the Human resource Department.


The Chief of Police will then begin selecting  applicants for background investigations as vacancies occur following the guidelines

set out in the Agreement between the City and the Port Arthur Police Association.


A Conditional Offer of Employment is given outlining all the steps that must be successfully completed before a 

Final Offer of Employment is given.


A Personnel Evaluation Profile test will be administered.


The selected applicants will complete a Personal History packet of information.


A background investigation will be completed.


The Chief will review the applicants


A review board of Field Training Officers and the Association President will review the applicants not eliminated by the Chief. 


A polygraph will be administered.


If selected, applicants will have an open-ended interview with the Chief, the Field Training Officers, the Association President or 

designee, and the Field Operations Division Commander.

The applicant must then pass a psychological exam and interview with a selected psychologist, a drug screen, TB skin test, and medical exam.


If successful, the applicant will then receive a Final Offer of Employment.


If the applicant is a certified officer, they will be hired as such and begin a 2-week orientation period before beginning patrol duties with a 

Field Training Officer. If the applicant hired is not a certified officer, the applicant is hired and sponsored in the Regional police academy 

in Beaumont at LIT. A condition of employment is successful completion of the academy. 


The selection process can take 3-6 months from the date of the initial exam.




If you are interested in a career with the 
Port Arthur Police Department 
please contact:

City of Port Arthur
Personnel Department

By contacting Human Resources immediately
you will insure proper notification
of upcoming test dates.

The City of Port Arthur
is an
Equal Opportunity Employer

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