Records Supervisor:  Gail Kennerson



Police Aides

Police Records


Jennifer Whitley  (409) 983-8724

Pam Jacobs  (409)983-8651

Lori Martin  (409) 983-8637

Lashondra Ladia  (409)983-8659

Brittany Cummings  (409) 983-8669



Record keeping, especially in this informational age, has taken on extreme importance over past years. On a daily basis, insurance companies, victims, attorneys, prosecutors, and a host of other agencies demand information often as soon as it is generated.

The Records Supervisor must ensure that reports submitted are clear, concise, and accurate.  Records are the lifeblood of any law enforcement agency and each year the demands upon these records increases. Without accurate and concise records, policing functions would not exist. Records are crucial for the preservation of the rights of all parties involved, be it the victim, the accused, or someone with a financial interest in the outcome. Without properly recording history, these rights will not be protected and we could easily become part of the problems we address, rather than being part of solutions. Records also assist in crime prevention by identifying problem areas: they serve as the official memory of this City's law enforcement agency.


Records Division Hours:

Monday - Friday     8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Reports available at the Records Division include:

Offense Reports

Microfilm Records

$ 1.00  (Front Page Only)

$ 2.60 First Page 
$0.10 each additional page

Information required:  
Case Number or Date and Location of Offense



Accident Reports

$ 6.00

Information Required:
  Location, Date of Accident, Name of Driver

Clearance Letters  
(For Housing, Employment, Immigration, etc.)

$ 6.00

Information Required:

Valid State Photo ID, Social Security Number, Current Address, Date of Birth

NOTE: All clearance letters can be picked up the next business day or will be mailed.

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