The Port Arthur Police Department is dedicated to addressing traffic related issues around the city.  A Traffic Enforcement Request Form may be submitted when a resident or business owner feels there is a chronic traffic problem. This online complaint is for ongoing, repetitive traffic problems.  This form may be completed and submitted online. The person submitting the complaint will be contacted by a member of the Port Arthur Police Departmentís Traffic Enforcement Unit.  Click here to learn more about our Traffic Enforcement Unit.

Please be specific in regard to the days of the week, times and locations the violations are occurring in order to fully address the issue.  Please understand that we need adequate information so our officers will be able to address your problem as soon as possible.  

For complaints regarding abandoned vehicles: Please contact the City of Port Arthurís Environmental Health Department at (409)983-8274.

To request traffic enforcement in your Port Arthur neighborhood you may use this form or call the Field Operations Division Secretary at (409) 983-8673.

If you have an emergency please dial 911, if you have an immediate traffic complaint please call 409-983-8600. 

If you require more space than is provided above, please send us an

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